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2013 is here and opportunity awaits us all! Follow us on Twitter now! @Indeplife

Everyone at Independent lifestyles would like to wish all our customers a very happy new year!

Although we are well into the month of January already, and best wishes may seem a little late, it is all in a good cause! We have been working hard over the festive period to establish how WE can best serve our clients and their families.

And we hope that our first new year's resolution for improving communication via our newsletter each month is a step in the right direction.

You may remember completing survey's last year asking numerous questions... The main point that came across to us was communication, communication, communication! So starting as we mean to go on.........

Our first newsletter of 2013 has arrived!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Rice, one of our support workers at Easton Crescent for producing our wonderful new logo using his amazing design skills. Chris is one example of how we work together; we will have other support workers delivering training in house soon top help our community grow!

We are aiming to keep everyone up to date with the comings and goings of all of our supported living houses. If you have some news, then please share it with us via and help us grow our community.

Future plans include our very own Facebook page. A private forum which will allow us to share news with everyone this will enable us to tell you about the simplest of things; from road closures due to snow when visiting loved ones, to where the sun is shining and the best places to visit is!


Customers at Millstone enjoyed a fabulous Xmas dinner which included live entertainment (from staff and customers!) dancing and music! Keen to further develop the service and looking to extend to weekend and evening working - so please do call me should this be of interest for you or someone you know - Tony Horan, Service Manager, 01273 831400


As the Agency is now growing we are doing a recruitment drive and look forward to working with many new people and of course many more customers. Our dedicated staff are keen to embrace new challenges and support more people to fulfill their potential in the community.


The guys all enjoyed a good Xmas and New Year. They all remain very active and in good health


We have one vacancy remaining so please do keep our service in mind! The ladies remain in good spirits and enjoy building on their independence and life skills


The customers recently enjoyed the snow with one of the customers building a very impressive snowman!


Our new service just on line - we are currently assessing potential customers for this Autism/LD supportive living service so please do call me should you have anyone in mind - Donna Wellman, Service Manager, 01903 761011


All is well south of the downs! The customers enjoyed the festive period however, were not that impressed with recent snow! Just on line is a vacancy in the self-contained annexe so should anyone be interested in this please do call me! - David Fenton, Service Manager, 07585 975513

Abi House

Lots of changes over recent months with customer movement - great success stories of people having successfully returned home or in to more independent accommodation. Customers enjoy a very busy weekly schedule which is a mixture of rehab, leisure and social activities.

"Promoting independence for all"