"Promoting Independence for All"

Independent Lifestyles LLP

Job Description

We currently work with adults of all ages with; Acquired Brain Injuries, Learning Disabilities with Mental Health, Autism, Physical Disabilities and Behaviours that may Challenge.  We are interested in hearing from Support Workers who are keen to work in these fields within Sussex and Kent.

Job Title:

Support Worker Responsible to the Service Manager

Overall Purpose:

To provide the best possible support to people with a Learning Disability and/or Autism in order for them to reach their full potential. To promote a person centered approach to support planning, monitoring and reviewing of their needs and wishes. To be part of an effective service working within the requirements and expectations of both supported living regulations and of the Law (and various Bodies such as CQC, Local Authority) in order to help individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

Assessment process:

On completion of your application form and selection, you may be requested to participate in our assessment process. At Independent Lifestyles LLP we operate a 2-tier structure of employment assessment requiring the candidate to attend a formal interview and then be observed in practice. You will only be offered the post if you meet the requirements and achieve the necessary standards for both elements of the interview process. You will be expected to complete both elements of this process in your own time.

Main Duties:

(1)   Customers:

To support customers with personal care as appropriate, their medication needs and access to relevant health care.
To provide all general care and support for individuals i.e. to undertake any tasks which the individual requires assistance with based on the individual requirements and needs which have been assessed and confirmed in their Support Plan.
To support customers to attend meaningful daytime occupation and leisure activities etc, and any other appointments, meetings etc, as required, and to encourage access to community facilities where appropriate.
To support customers with management of their finances, as agreed.
To support customers to maintain and develop a variety of relationships (i.e. families, friends and professionals).
To support customers with daily tasks (i.e. cooking, cleaning, gardening, laundry, ironing and other household tasks to an appropriate standard).
To support customers with social skills and to promote independence, as appropriate.
To ensure that all documentation within the customers’ home is accurately updated i.e. Daily Notes etc.
To support customers to make decisions and be accountable with best interest decisions.
To ensure that all customers are safe from harm and exploitation.
To ensure that customers are provided with high standard of support that promotes positive behaviour and positive well-being.

(2)   The Service

To maintain good working relationships within the team and with any other relevant people.
To work shifts, which may include sleeping in and waking night duties, weekends and Bank Holidays using a rota system based on the needs of the people using the service.
To comply with policies and procedures and ensuring the well-being of the people who use the service.
To maintain confidentiality in respect of people who use the service, records, staff, the organisation and third-party information.
To attend training sessions (including induction) as agreed and any staff meetings as necessary.
To act as a keyworker, if required, for customers.
To identify maintenance and security issues and report to Head Office.
To undertake domestic chores around the property to ensure the service is maintained to a good decorative and hygienically clean standar

(3)   Equal Opportunities

To ensure that the service is always delivered with respect and a commitment to equal opportunities both for customers and staff.

(4)   Health and Safety

To meet Health and Safety requirements of the Agency and the Law.
To fully comply with all protocols and policies in order to fully promote the health and safety of yourself, your colleagues and the customers.

(5)   Other Duties

To undertake any other duties as may be necessary consistent with the objectives of the post, as required by the Service Manager.
To comply with company policy and procedure and be an ambassador for the company.
To ensure professionalism and high standards of practice at all times.
To maintain a strong commitment to achieving and providing the best possible support for the customers we serve.
To employ assessed and agreed physical interventions as absolutely necessary and only in compliance with an MDT agreed behaviour support plan.

Person Specification


  • Values the rights of people with a disability.
  • Understands the needs of people with Learning Disabilities etc.
  • Undertake necessary training in order to continuously develop positive practice.


  • Able to work well as a team member.
  • Able to support the customer to reach their full potential and ability.
  • To be competent in basic mathematics and written skills.
  • Able to support customers with domestic duties (including cooking and cleaning etc).
  • Able to assist with personal care, if required.
  • Committed to equal opportunities and shows value and respect for everyone.
  • Committed to on-going professional development.

Personal Qualities

  • Able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Able to be a good listener and communicator.
  • Able to take initiative and make decisions.
  • Willing to learn and undertake training.
  • Be able to take responsibility for the customer’s well-being and personal safety when accessing community facilities and activities.
  • Able to demonstrate resilience in the work place.
  • To be able to follow and comply with company policy.
  • To be committed to the safety and well-being of the customer(s) and demonstrate an understanding of safeguarding adults.
  • Demonstrate a high level of resilience – this role requires due vigilance and application of initiative.

Physical Circumstances

  • Prepared to undertake a variety of shifts including sleeping in/waking night duties as necessary.
  • Able to undertake agreed moving & handling techniques as necessary.
  • Able to work flexibly when necessary.
  • Able to travel to a variety of venues to provide care and support, and to attend training.
  • Prepared to smoke (if applicable) in the designated smoking areas only and will comply with ‘No Smoking’ Policy and procedures.
  • Able to work in an environment that fosters independence and life skills and provide the high level of physical support therein.
  • Be prepared to undertake social and leisure activities that are physical in nature.